Aquatic Solutions & Innovations Limited has been in existence for the past Twenty (20) Years.

The company was born out of the need of customers who were constantly complaining about the lack of professionalism in the industry and the need for quality products and services. There is a great need for a company to take charge while making the difference and elevating the construction industry to heights of global recognition; allowing for regional and international growth.

Aquatic Solutions & Innovations has evolved over the years and we now offer a variety of engineering services and solutions.

What We Do

We offer Landscaping and Engineering Services such as Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Irrigation Services for commercial large and small, Parks, Roadways, Plant Nurseries, Athletics Fields, Hotels and Mega Resorts, we also offer Environmental Engineering Services which consist of designing and installing Waste Water Treatment Plants.


We strive to become a leader in the construction industry, by providing quality products and services to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Our purpose is to provide quality services thus setting a standard of excellence.

We ensure that the values of our Organization are of the best quality, we employ only professional individuals who will provide excellent services.

We want to collaborate with private and government entities with the hope of developing cutting edge engineering solutions which will improve the way of life.

Some of our Satisfied Customers: